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The Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions (IJEQCs) are a statewide network of independent screening panels for judicial candidates. The screening process is designed to ensure that voters are provided with as much information as possible about the qualifications of candidates for judicial office. In accordance with Part 150 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge establishing the IJEQCs and Opinion 07-91 of the Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, participation in the screening process is voluntary.

The Commissions were established in February 2007, by the Chief Administrative Judge, in each New York State judicial district. Each IJEQC is responsible for reviewing the qualifications of candidates within its respective judicial district who are seeking public election to New York State Supreme Court, County Court, Surrogate’s Court, Family Court, New York City Civil Court, District Court or City Court.

There is an office for the IJEQCs in each of the four Judicial Departments which provides information and accepts applications. Contact and general information about the Commissions is available in a brochure.

For biographical information about judicial candidates, consult the Voter Guide, available about 2 weeks before the November general election.